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Are cheap taxi fares really cheap?

There are many factors why a taxi company will offer a cheap taxi fare:

a - Type of taxi vehicle they use - these days, the taxi vehicles being used by private car hire companies varies from the standard Toyota Avensis or Toyota Prius to the expensive Mercedez S or E class vehicles.  Vehicles varies by miles per gallon consumption.  There are distinctive differences between the two cars.

b - Maintenance - the moment you get inside a taxi vehicle, you will not know what are the mechanical issues but you could clearly distinguished a clean from a dirty taxicabs isn't it?  How about the smell?  Does it smell like a sweat? Are there any rubbish on the floor or seats?  What about the external cleanliness? By not spending money in cleanliness of the taxi, the taxi company thought they are saving money.  

c - Over-booking - When was the last time your driver was late? Some taxi companies were tempted to over-booked thus the punctuality of the service fails and the taxi passengers suffers.  Do not believe the taxi driver straightaway that there was a traffic.  If the taxi driver used that as an excuse, investigate more, ask informations about the traffic because the last thing you want is being fooled by your driver.  Planning and being concern with your travel requirements and needs makes a BIG difference.

d - Taxi administration - When you booked your taxi, how many times they communicated with you? Less administration means less inter-action and communication with passengers thus, it leads to confusion and inconvenience for some clients.

For a small taxi fare difference, you are giving yourself as a passenger a little favour and comfort, For a small fare difference, it is a call between comfort and inconvenience.  In our opinion, start your journey right and if you and your family will be off for a holiday, all of you deserve to have a comfortable, appropriate taxi vehicle and your taxi requirements are met.  Start your journey right.

Are cheap taxis really cheap?