Local Taxis and Airport Transfers Terms and Conditions

Local Taxi Services

Waiting time

We allot five (5) minutes FREE waiting time for local taxi services afterwhich, our taxi driver will turn on the meter, in  the event that we are late*, we will compensate our clients by giving a discount, our taxi drivers or taxi administrators will inform our clients in advance when we encounter possible reasons in the delay of their taxi service, such reason will be categorized as 'beyond our control' like a road traffic accident while en-route

Airport Taxi Services

Waiting time

Outbound taxi services' waiting time is five (5) minutes.  In excess waiting fee is discretionary.

Inbound taxi service will usually have FREE 45 minutes AFTER the plane landed.  Our taxi drivers will communicate with you so please turn on your mobile phone.  In the event that your flight landed early, your taxi driver must be at the airport vicinity awaiting for embarkation, immigration procedures and claiming of luggages.  Your taxi driver or our administration team will be in touch with you and we also expect that you will update us for any delays as our taxi drivers will not go to the meeting point straight away to save you car parking charges.

With all these communications and procedures and the driver has not reached the airport vicinity and you are waiting in the meeting point already, we will not take any payment from you.  Our taxi quality control will addressed the shortcoming professionaly, and our team of customer care will contact you and arranged any advance payment due for refunds.


We exert our full effort to pull out a job, it is the responsibility of the client to cancel the taxi, if that does not happen before we despatch the taxi driver, we will  have to send an invoice for a payment.


Legal standard fine is £100.00.  

Termination of carriage

The taxi driver will terminate the journey when the passenger(s) is a threat to health and safety of any person inside the taxi vehicle including the taxi driver

We are a highly reliable taxi company serving Farnborough, Hampshire and other nearby areas, we look after our clients from the moment they booked with us to the point that they are returning.

For complaints, comments or suggestions, please contact us and we will acknowledge your communication promptly.